A close up view of a tabby cat with yellow-green eyes staring into the camera.

Community Outreach

How YOU Can Help

A sad looking hound dog stares out from behind a chain link fence.

Donation Drop-Off

We are pleased to serve as a donation drop-off center for rescue animals in our community and beyond. Read more for a list of needed items and how you can help!

A colony of feral calico cats strolls on a rock path.

PAW Partnership

We are proud to partner with Public Animal Welfare crusaders, The PAW Mission, to help save animals in both Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties through rescue, fostering, and humane education.

A brown tabby cat with yellow eyes stalks prey amongst hay bales.

Feral Cat Team Adoptions

Help give an otherwise unadoptable feral kitty a new start as a working cat! If you have a barn, stable, warehouse, or similar shelter your property may be the perfect place for a hardworking team of rescued rodent hunters!