4 black and tan dogs stick their noses out imploringly from behind iron bars

Public Animal Welfare

We are so proud to announce our partnership with The PAW Mission!

The PAW Mission is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help decrease shelter euthanasia through compassionate, innovative animal sheltering, affordable, accessible veterinary care, and empathetic humane education. We are proud to support their mission with donations and services!


Weekly adoption events as well as online facilitated adoptions. Every Thursday and Saturday from 4-7PM at Petsmart, 17651 Clima Rd, City of Industry, CA 91748, and every Friday and Sunday from 4-7PM at Petsmart, 2851 E Eastland Center Dr FSU9, West Covina, CA 91791.
Wonderful fosters open their home and heart for a short time to help at-risk animals while they find homes!
Unweaned kittens are one of the most endangered groups in shelters. The PAW Mission rescues these kittens and their volunteers and fosters give them the round the clock support they need to thrive!
The goal of this program is to assist with the rehabilitation of both at-risk youth and canines. PAWS for a Difference will help work with youth on using emotional intelligence to help understand energy and emotions to better connect with their assigned dog and society at large.
The PAW Mission sends volunteers into classrooms and school assemblies to teach about proper pet care and ethics. Focus is on compassion, empathy, tolerance, kindness, and respect for all. Free of charge for schools!
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Every dollar donated will help up expand the program, to educate more volunteers and youth, to offer free vaccine clinics, and to rescue animals from the shelters. The PAW Mission is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

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Our PAW Partnership

As part of NVH's partnership with The PAW Mission, we are happy to provide care to PAW's special needs cases! Check out a few of the the pets we've helped in the past few months:

Hank, a wrinkled, brown and white English bulldog smiles up at the camera


Hank is a 5 year old English Bulldog, he was originally bought for 2k from a backyard breeder, and has lived the last five years in a dog run only being brought out to be studded. We can’t stress enough not to purchase from backyard breeders, because Hank is one of the “by-products.” Hank had infections in both eyes, a skin infection, a small mass on his rump, and a horrific ear infection when he came to see us. Hank is somewhat vision impaired, after having chronic dry eye for years being untreated, we believe he sees shadows.

We are happy to report that Hank has now experienced great relief from all of his infections, been neutered, gotten up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and most importantly found a loving new home!

Two side-by-side photos of a small blue-eyed puppy show his facial healing over a few weeks.


King and several others of his litter were attacked by their mama at the shelter, resulting and some pretty scary-looking facial wounds. Poor little man, we all thought he was a bull terrier when he came to see us due to all the swelling. Thankfully he’s doing much better after receiving cold laser therapy and antibiotics to treat the infection. He, along with his littermates, are still looking for their forever homes.

This beautiful boy is the big bruiser of the bunch, biggest by far, he is definitely going to need someone to help him learn proper manners. We are guessing King will be about 70 lbs when he gets bigger, and oh so very handsome with his brilliant blue eyes! If you'd like to meet them, contact info@thepawmission.com.

A small terrier with a shaved and wounded rear end lays in the grass


Albert was pulled from shelter knowing he had been hit by a car sometime before intake. The PAW Mission rushed him over to see us right away, in a lot of pain and filthy. He has a fractured pelvis and actually had maggots in a wound on his back end. Poor guy has a long road of healing before him but he's doing much better with adequate pain control and antibiotics.

We love that you can see the relief in his face and posture in this photo, "Someone is finally taking care of me!"