A man with glasses and a beard nuzzles a small gray tabby kitten.

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Pet Insurance

At Nordhoff Veterinary Hospital, we recommend pet health insurance to nearly all our clients. It's a great way to budget for pet health care costs and protect yourself financially in the case of an unexpected accident or illness.

Disaster Preparedness

Earthquakes, wildfires, and extreme heat are all facts of life in our area. Most families know they need to have a plan in place if disaster strikes. It's important not to forget our pets when planning and preparing for an emergency.

Hot Car Safety

If it's above 70 degrees outside, it's too hot to leave your buddies in the car, even if it's just fopr a few moments. Many people are surprised to learn just how quickly it can reach deadly temperatures inside, even with a window cracked open!

Bones are Unsafe

While conventional wisdom tells us that it's natural for dogs to chew on bones, the practice is actually quite dangerous and can lead to serious injury for your pet.